Aug 05 2012

ELLA 50/50 Winner

The 50/50 draw raised $1166.00. The winner Linda K. received $583.00.

Thank you for your support.


  1. Sandy Klassem

    How much was the 50/50

    Also Several of us on the waiting list are WAITING TO SEE A PRINTED list on this website.

    It would be greatly appreciated asap.

    Thank you,

    1. Nancy Pelletier

      I think the waiting list on the website is also a great idea, but I doubt it is possible due to privacy reasons – probably shouldn’t print family names on the internet. The Board should be able to advise you directly where you sit on this list? I think I will ask them also!

      Just my thoughts,
      Nancy Pelletier

  2. Sandy K

    It seems to be a very big secret. Not impressed with the amount of politics and lack of answers. People who have paid do deserve to have the list. Thank you

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