Aug 06 2012

ELLA Activities

Thank you to everyone that participated in Emerald Lake Leaseholder Association activities the long weekend in August.

Through activities including night golf, 50/50 draw, pancake breakfast, fun day and silent auction we raised $3,000 for future ELLA initiatives.

Volunteers make all the difference !

Thanks to Debbie, Irene, Milly and Trisha for our most successful silent auction ever. Thanks to Ed, Caroline and Lionel on the largest number of night golfers on the most beautiful evening. Thanks to Tammy, Marc, Fran, Darryl, Deanna, Doris, Yolaine, Bruce, Trevor and Barb for a delicious pancake breakfast. Thanks to Nancy and Brenda for setting their 50/50 goal so high and smashing through it (well done horn ladies)! Finally thanks to Roberta, Bruce, Jessica, Lesley, Milly, Kim and Trisha for organizing the Fun Day activities.


  1. Debbie Robin

    What a great weekend! Thank you to everyone for your help! What a great job done by the Cross’s on this website!

  2. Nancy Pelletier

    I just want to thank Trevor Cross for omitting the “y” from “horn ladies” – how embarrassing would that be – eh Brenda??????

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