Jan 21 2017

Emerald Lake History

The Emerald Lake History Committee would like to invite everyone to participate in the composition of the history book. Please contact Dorothy Lynn via email at dalamontagne@hotmail.com to receive your information package. You may also contact one of the following members via phone, text or email:

Brad Butler: phone and text 306-466-6339; brad.butler@sasktel.net

Lynn Elder:  home phone, no text 306-329-4446

Anybody interested in being a part of this committee is welcome. Please notify one of the existing committee members. 

Jul 31 2016

2016 Emfest 50/50 Winning Number

The Emfest 50/50 amount is $1,486, the holder of the the winning ticket receives $743.  The winning number is:


Jul 11 2016

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lessons for the week of July 18-22nd have been cancelled due to not being able to find instructors. 

Lessons in August 8-12th will still proceed.

Jul 10 2016

Bear Sightings

Over the last few days there have been several bear sightings around Emerald Lake, including a mother with two cub on the golf course.  Last week found one sleeping on a cabin owners deck and this morning one was spotted south of the lake.  Be aware that bears can be dangerous especially when there are cubs present.  They tend to avoid the cabins during the day, but may explore our area during the evening especially if there is garbage left laying at the back door or in the back of trailers, trucks or golf carts etc. Please be careful and remember we are in nature’s backyard.  Please refrain from encouraging  their presence where our safety and the safety of these animals are put at risk.

Thank you.

Jun 30 2016

ELRP Minutes Jan – Mar 2016

ELRP 20160124 Minutes
ELRP 20160221 Minutes
ELRP 20160320 Minutes

Jun 30 2016

ELLA Constitution Updated 2016

ELLA Constitution 2016

Jun 30 2016

ELRP Season Wait List

Seasonal Waiting List July 1, 2015

Jun 30 2016

ELRP Minutes 2015

ELRP 20150531 Minutes (AGM)
ELRP 20150917 Minutes
ELRP 20151102 Minutes
ELRP 20151213 Minutes

Jun 03 2016

Are you ready for summer?  We are !

May 22 2016

ELRP AGM – May 29

Please join us for the Emerald Lake Regional Park Annual General Meeting May 29 at the main store.  Coffee is served at 10:00 AM, Meeting starts at 11:00 AM.

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